Holy Gore, where does the time go?

So, in the space of time that I've been away from my blog, Al Gore wins a Nobel Peace Prize. Well, good for him. In the end, God sorts out everything and He will put to rest whether global warming was really a serious threat or not. I tend to agree with Michael Crichton with his novel State of Fear. I think something is definitely going on with our world, but we need to be good stewards about it and do what our parents and grandparents taught us: don't be wasteful.

Kids at school have suddenly realized that I'm not out to get them. I can be funny. And they can actually learn something. Although, one honors freshman wrote that schools are just basically here to house kids until they turn into adults. I think she may be bitter about something.

I don't really have a lot to say--except I do say it in my head and think once in awhile that I should put it on my blog--but then I forget about it and then the next thing I know almost two months have passed by. I think I'll work harder in getting my thoughts down.