Although my eating was spot on yesterday, my heart just wasn't in it. I spent most of the day worrying (watch those cortisol levels!) about Emily's cough and fever. I got her into the doctor after spending 2-3 weeks with a dry cough that just became worse and three days of low to high fevers. The doctor listened to her lungs, then said that it was probably virile; i.e., bronchoialitis/bronchitis. BUT, I was to immediately call if her temp got up to 101 to 102. About 3:10, it got up to 101.3, and by 4:00, I was back at the doctor's office with getting Emily to X-Ray and lab for chest x-rays and blood drawn. She was a very brave girl when it came to getting a needle stuck in her arm! And when we (myself and the blood people) told her how cool her blood looked, she even giggled a little bit. Plus, she got a really cool red band-aid (that is now ripped off as of this a.m.). We met Dale at home, and I just wasn't in the mood to forage for food, so we went out. When we came home, the doctor had a message for us to call her on the service. She was going to prescribe a medicine. It looked like a little bit of pneumonia in her lower right lung.

It took me a friggin' hour at Wal-Mart to get the medicine, and then of course, the medicine tasted horrible, so it was a fight to get it into Em's gullet. She took it with some probing with some sugar bombs (Dots), and then off to bed.I am happy to say that she has no fever this morning, so the meds seem to be just the trick. I am also happy to report that I was able to not totally blow it on the nutrition plan, nor did I blow it even one little bit. Amazing. Stress did not get me--BwaHaha!

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