Is this from hormones???

Okay, I'm way pissed off, and a sane person shouldn't feel the need to be this angry. So, my impassioned rhetoric is that I am either 1.) not sane, or 2.) hormonal, or 3.) Both.

We were at a girl scout informational meeting tonight. And to be honest, I just don't think I see our lives abandoning all hope and going that route. First off, there was no troop leader for first graders, so we were met immediately with "If you'd just 'step up'" ... okay; I'm turned off right there. The speaker of this meeting's favorite phrase the entire time was "step up." Give me a break. I've stepped up to more things before she even eats breakfast.

But, bless their hearts, two ladies decide to be leaders. Of course, they want to meet on the one night that we can't. Okay. That sealed it for me, but apparently, not for Dale. He asks Emily to go get a yellow sheet on another table with more information.

Oh boy.

Emily doesn't want to. And we've been working on her for the longest time to do things without us, to be more independent, especially if she wants to even remotely have a chance to join G.S. (BTW, she only thinks she'll be going camping.) We're working with her and working with her to go get the yellow sheet. I guess the mother across from us gets tired of us working with our daughter, gets up and grabs a few and spreads them out on our table.

It's just like enablers like that that make dependent brats. I guess the uppitiness just royally ticked me off. I bet she does the same thing when she's told her kid no, but the kid please-pleases her to death until she just changes her mind. We saw evidence of that type of behavior, too.

I was done with this girl scout business, but let Dale make the determination for himself (got to make him think he's making the decisions, ha). We'll find other things for her to do that will help build up leadership; apparently the mother wasn't thinking about that little tidbit, but it's a good thing that she decided to not be a troop leader.

Perhaps I'll feel better later. Or with carbs. Or a smack-down.

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