I'm writing a letter of complaint

Two days after that idiot doctor at Wichita Clinic diagnosed me with a virus, my real doctor said that I did have a spot of pneumonia on my right lung. Apparently SHE had spoken with the x-ray technician. I can only conclude a few things about I.D. (idiot doctor):

1.) He didn't want me to be right (God Complex).

2.) He didn't even look at the x-rays and/or didn't consult with the x-ray technician.

3.) He doesn't know how to read an x-ray (I really doubt this one).

4.) He relied on his own hearing with the stethoscope, ignored the patient's complaints, ignored everything except what he understood it to be and needed to get rid of this "problem" by dismissing me with a "virus."

No matter how you look at it, this doctor was neglectful, and more serious harm could have resulted from this if I didn't consult my own doctor. Perhaps that's what the i.d. was counting on--> that I'd bother someone else anyway. I could have had two days of antibiotics under my belt if he had just been a doctor.

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