Stuff Outta My Head

I made the best non-traditional breakfast this morning, at least, I thought it was great in my own mouth. I made a pancake batter of Eggbeater type stuff and fat free cottage cheese. I added minced garlic and oregano. I cooked those like pancakes. Once those were done, I put them on a cookie sheet and put sliced tomatoes and low-fat romano cheese with a smab of olive oil. Broiled it for about five minutes. GREAT breakfast for pizza-holics like me. I could survive on this stuff forever.

Workouts are going great. A co-worker ended up two ellipticals down from me, and when I noticed him, he told me that I "was sure tearing it up." Later as I was getting Em from her activity, the custodian said, "You sure were tearin' it up on that machine up there!" The music on my MP3 player really helps me. I start out with Chris Daughtry's "What I Want," then INSX "Pretty Vegas," Jet's "Cold Harde Bitch," then to Kelly Clarkson's hits. By the time I'm finished with all of this line-up, the machine is spanked, and I'm sweating worse than Richard Simmons. I really used to hate cardio, but if I don't get my fix in now, I'm really grouchier than I used to be.

To Al Gore III: Way to go being green.

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Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

There was an older man on the elliptical this morning who I swear was sweating before he got on the machine. He got there at 5 a.m., and by 5:05 water was pouring off his face. What in the world? I guess I need to *Kick it up a notch!* *BAM!*