Praise be to God for the Breathe Right Nasal Strips People

I am so like my dad that it's scary. I apparently snore, walk in my sleep, as well as talk in my sleep. The key word here is sleep, because although I do all of that snoring, walking and talking, there was very little sleeping actually going on. I am not sure I'd gotten a good six hours of straight sleep since 1995, I think. I'd trudge through each day, and when I started exercising and eating right, I was promised bounties of bundles of energy. I nevered received my bounty. Last week, Dale suggested that since I've been gasping for air many times during the night that I could have sleep apnea.

"Try one of those nose strip thingies," he said. "And I want the covers back." I had apparently taken those every night, too, in my quest for dreamland.

"Ooohkaaaay"--which is exactly how Emily sounds when she thinks she's doing something naughty and getting away with it in front of her parents.

I put one of them over my nose and thought, "This is so attractive." It was just a good thing that it was dark.

And the breath that sustains life entered my body. And yay, though I walk in stuffiness during the day, I breathe and dream at night.

And Dale has the covers back.

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If one should ever decide to have Clint Miller and group build you a home, make sure that you have different plumbers than their contracted plumbers check out your hot water tank and their connections. We discovered the just plain wrong connections when the hot water tank sprang a leak. That leak lead to the dumbfounded discovery of the plumbers connecting the cold water to the hot connection of the tank and the hot water to the cold connection to the tank. The knob that shuts off the water to and from the tank turned for eternity without shutting anything off. I realize that this has been eight years and anything can happen to that knob in eight years, but the wrong pipes? The other thing that ticks me off is that the inspector who inspected the plumbing signed off on it.

Once the new water tank was installed, we could tell the difference right away. It used to be that I'd have to fill our bathtub almost halfway with whatever came out of the hot spiggot, wait 30-45 minutes and then finish filling if I wanted an almost-hot bath. NOW, I can fill the whole thing all in one shot and have a glorious too-hot-to-handle-it bath.


IF you should have C.M. build you a home, or if you buy a C.M.-built house, have another plumber come out--it'll be well worth the expense. You might want to get an independent inspector, as well; I wish we had.

They used Armstrong Plumbing.

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