My British Accent

I've been doing a little research project that I've entitled, "Why my tummy is so bloated and gassy that I'm doubled over in pain, and is it all of these damn vegetables that are doing it to me?" That little project has lead me to my Greens+ product and the fact that I could have overdosed myself on vegetable intake at such a high rate. A 3 tsp. serving = 6 cups of vegetables. I, after reading the label, took the 3 tsp's in an ice cold cup of water, just like the directions said. What the directions DIDN'T say was that I should start out with just a 1/2 tsp. serving in order to get used to the product and then increase the dosage. Aww, crap. And that's just what I wish I could do to get rid of this horrible bloating. Burp or Burp from the Bottom--I don't care.

Anyway, I'm researching G+ and then run across information about organic vegetables and the debate whether they're healthier than the conventionally grown. I've always believed that vegetables came from the same place: a seed sown into the ground, it is watered and then it grows with the right elements and then it is sprayed so the bugs won't eat them; the farmers pick it up with their big machines, they take it to the grocery stores, the stockers put it on the shelves, consumers buy it. I buy it, I bring it home. I stock it in our refrigerator, and promptly forget about it. Then, I notice the stinky smell. I clean out the refrigerator of the produce and throw it in the garden to hopefully reconstitute itself as some other vegetable form. I call it the cycle of life. Okay?

My research has sometimes taken me to the UK and their web sites. I know this because they have a dot-uk in their web addresses. And I'm reading the information, and I notice in my head that I'm reading it in a British accent. It's quite wild. American web site=I think English. UK web site=I think English, only it's the other English. It makes research so much more entertaining.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Hmm....Greens+ (+) greens for lunch! You won't need to eat veggies for the next month.

Tracy said...

That's the truth!! At least there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I got in enough veggies today.