Chicken, the Pope, and Emily's now a Fish

I have a theory. I have always hated the taste of leftover chicken--hated it so much that I've had to plug my nose and force it down, or cover it with something else that had stronger flavor to it, like garlic, onion. And also have something repulsive-smelling next to me, but not AS repulsive as the chicken, like dirty socks worn while I've mown the lawn and I've stepped in something ... bad.

Well, we decided to have company over for dinner one night, and I was going to fix NLC, which is No-Lid Chicken (an inside joke). I bought it at Wal-Mart, I cooked it. We ate it. It was delicious and juicy. The next day, I needed something to eat protein-wise, and I needed something fast, and protein powder wasn't going to cut it. I sighed. The only thing would be the chicken I saved. I save it for the rest of the family, but not me. I had to have something. I don't hold my nose this time, but I did decide to eat it pretty fast. I didn't gag, and I certainly didn't spit it back out. In fact, it was almost as enjoyable as it was the previous night.

It hit me later that the bad taste I taste (redundant, I know) was that I bought a no-hormones-raised chicken. It was "All Natural." Just cut off the head and feet, pluck the feathers and put it in some water, wrap it up in a chicken condom, slabel it (short for slap a label on it) and let me have it. I'm putting my hypothesis to work. I bought some of the same type of chicken, and I grilled it this morning. I ate half of it already for one of my meals and TOMORROW, I'll try out the second half.

Emily's a Fish
Emily's been taking swim lessons for about two months now. She had been afraid for the longest time to put her head under the water. She finally did it two days ago and she didn't want to stop. In fact, she insisted I fill up the bathtub later so that she could show her daddy that she could really do it. Then the next day after that, she was playing in the wading section and she was kicking, putting her head in, but holding onto the ground of the pool. I told her to stretch out her arms when she did that.

"Okaaaay," she said, like she was going to be doing something conspiratorial.

When she came out of the water after having FLOATed, the look on her face was priceless. Her little mouth was twirled in an O and I knew that she was about to ask me if I had just seen what she had done. I told her to do it again, after I high-fived her.

I signed her up for two more weeks of lessons so that I could teach her more stuff. ;)

The Pope
All I have to say is that the Pope may want to watch what he says about who's a Christian and who isn't. Yikes! Scary territory there. From CNN.com:

and Kansas.com


Especially interesting from the above link was: "Pope Benedict XVI reasserted the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released Tuesday that says other Christian communities are either defective or not true churches and Catholicism provides the only true path to salvation." I thought Jesus was the only true path to salvation.

He's calling a lot of people who are Christian not Christian, and I thought that was a huge no-no.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Why didn't you just eat an avocado instead of chicken? *winks* There is nothing better than day old guacamole! YUM!

Tracy said...

Yeah, I just love it when they're black and mushy like that. REALLY good. ;)

Man--makes me hungry for guacamole.

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Maybe there are free range chickens in Missouri. *rolling eyes* I will sell them to you cheap!

I want to know about NLC. The last time I tried to bake chicken I almost set the oven on fire. I guess I need to learn the difference between the broil and bake button.

Tracy said...


One chicken and one roasting pan.
Set the oven to 300 degrees.
Place the chicken breast side up in the roasting pan.
Cook for approximately 2 hours.

It is DELICIOUS and very tender!