Wimpy Wednesday

Holy crap, I am so tired. My calves are killing me from the step class from yesterday and today there was much gnashing of teeth during my PHAT class. If that instructore told me to pulse my abs one more time, I was going to show her a pulse up close and personal. My abs and hips were screaming for me to stop, and once in awhile I did, but got right back into it to burn them up some more. Wish I had my Angry Kelly Clarkson music to egg me on during this class, and thank goodness it was only a half-hour class. As if that wasn't enough, I smoked my legs even more afterwards with leg presses, leg extensions and ham curls. I was even throwing insults at myself to stop the madness.

It was great. Can't wait to do it again next week.

Tomorrow's my planned day off, and I'll be back into it with a body design class for more torture on Friday.

And after all that, I came home, mowed the lawn and then sprayed for weeds. Oh, and I painted a room. Actually, I'm only half done, so it's half pink (new color) and half blue (old color).


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Yeah you for doing the step class! Those screaming calf muscles might be because you possibly didn't have your entire foot on the step. After doing YEARS of step, I still have to be careful of that. I also have a tendency to hop around on the balls of my feet when moving to the next move....I will be in the B.D. class on Friday.

Tracy said...

I really liked all of the classes that I've done and the pain that I've gone through. I'll be doing the entire cycle all over again next week, so I must like it! I didn't really know what I was doing part of the time during the step class, and when I was just getting the hang of it, the teacher added something. Then we were twirling around the bench, and then I was twirling, but my twirl looked completely different than her twirl. At least I was sweating up a storm!

I didn't know if my calves hurt because I don't usually use them in that step-capacity or if it was because I had been going up and down the ladder painting Emily's room during the times that I wasn't in step class. At least I know those puppies got a good workout, too. It's so hard for me to get them to the fatigue point.