Tuesday Talk

I've been having the darndest time writing lately. I am not lacking in ideas, so I guess I have been doing some sort of writing in my brain. I just wish I had a tape recorder up there so I could recall easily all of these terrific pieces of literature I've been coming up with.

For now, I'll just stick with the Shout Outs:

To Nancy P: Are you working out yet? Are you inspired? I'm hitting the cardio pretty heavy and I can feel a huge difference in my pants--I think it's my butt. Hehe. I've been having fun at the Y - M - C - A (I hear the music in my head, too) taking all sorts of classes that I've been scared of taking before. I'm empowered, and I may turn into a cardio junkie. I've done Body Design, PHAT Camp (Pretty Hips And Thighs), Step, and Boxing so far.

To The Good Anonymous Commenters: Thanks for your comments and encouragement! It's such a nice gift to receive just a line or two of what you all have posted.

To the Not-So-Nice Anonymous Commenters: You kind of remind me of Dustin Diamond from Celebrity Fit Club. You accuse someone of something, back off, and then wait for the explosion. It's very interesting behavior to watch. Thank you for allowing me to see this behavior (though very mild) on my own personal blog, too. (View Anonymous Comment and my response.) Or perhaps I've read the comment wrong. I'm very capable of doing that, too.

To My Dog: What up, Dog?

Okay, that's it. I'm going to see if I can write my story ideas down somewhere rather than leave it up to chance that I'll remember it.

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