Horse Anatomy

For her last birthday Emily received a couple of plastic horses with the correct anatomical features. This was an accident, the buyer not realizing just how "real" the horse figurines really were.

Today, Emily was playing with them during her rest/play time (which is really Mom's rest time in disguise). She came down after cleaning up and said, "This one's a boy and this one's a girl." I did not ask how she knew that, but like Paula Abdul, I let it be what it was and kept my mouth shut. Then, Emily says, "And I don't know how the babies get the milk from their mommies if they don't have a spout like this one."

Okay, if you were me, what would you say? Holy spout, Batman. I hid my mouth behind my cup and kept repeating it in my head so I'd remember.

On the exercise front:

Emily had swim lessons and gymnastics today. During swim, I sat and talked to another kid's mom. The kid had been in Emily's same kindergarten class, and then is going to the public school the same as Emily, too. She's such the leader. During the hour-long gymnastics' class, I just had the voices in my own head to listen to while I was on the elliptical trainer. It seems that the water bottle I packed to go with Em's snack between sessions was a leaky little sucker and the insides of my bag were soaked. When I took everything out, there was a puddle of water at the bottom of the gymbag, including the MP3 player. I carried it around with me while watching Emily swim, then let it dry at the table during our snack, and then for the moment of truth, I try turning it on and nothing happens.

God bless America! (because I don't say the other naughty part that many people say.)

I get it home and plug it in with the charger, and it took several seconds for the player to come on, but it did come on. My husband suggested I let it sit out in the sun for awhile to let it dry out completely. I am happy to report that 1.) the player is fine; 2.) Emily didn't cry at gymnastics this time, and 3.) the voices in my head really aren't that weird, afterall. They told me that if I didn't lose weight with all of this extra cardio I'm doing, that there is something wrong with me, and it's not them.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

LOL! Where's the spout??? I'm sure she was quite confused. It's times like this that you wish you could instant replay the conversation for her when she gets older.

Why did she cry during gymnastics? I almost cried today while I was working chest. A man walked into the Y with a pair of spandex shorts that he probably wore in the 80's. They were so short that the bottom part of them fit him like a Speedo. I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. Where's a video camera when you need one.

Tracy said...

I totally wish I had a tape recorder going all day, every day. We need something like Tivo on her.

Emily cried during gymnastics during her first session because she couldn't do a cartwheel. The lady who worked with the kids was really good, though. She showed her assistant-guy how to lead Emily through it by holding Emily at the waist. Then the girls teased the asst-guy just to make themselves feel better. It was kind of funny in the end, really.

I wish I had seen the 80's spandex guy! What a hoot! I hope you didn't laugh while he was there. LOL.