I don't know what I was going to say.

But it was something really good.

I was kind of sad this morning. I hate going to the dentist, and this morning I had to drag not only myself, but Emily, too. The last time I went for the regular check up much like this morning's, I was told that I had to get a crown. So, I got the crown. Only the hygienist didn't do something right and the glue pretty much closed the gap between the crown and the tooth next to it. The dentist had to do some heavy-duty work to work a gap back in just so I could floss. He yanked my head all to pieces, and I remember thinking that I'd happily give up flossing if that would make him stop yanking; I swear he was going to slice my head in two with that stupid piece of string.

I am happy to report that not only did Emily get to have her teeth cleaned and checked out without mom, but that we are both cavity free.


I was kind of sad this morning. My normal routine was completely blown (see above), and I'm such a creature of habit and schedules. Plus, I kind of felt icky. So, I finished the novel I was reading, watched part of Season 3 of Celebrity Fit Club--it's the one with Gunnar Nelson who was seemingly skinny when he came on the show, replacing Jeff Conaway who had gone into rehab. I absolutely adored Nelson and everytime Gunnar appeared, I'd sing, "I can't live without your love and affection ...." I have that TAPE somewhere downstairs along with all of my other 80's music (Sharon, I should suggest that to your 80's spandex guy).

Anyway, I think that I'm going to set up a Celebrity Fit Club in my laundry room. That's where my scale is. I'm going to pretend it lights up when I step on it, and then I'm going to have pictures of Harvey Walden, Linda Papadopoulos and Dr. Ian lined up on the backsplash of the folding table, which coincidentally, happens to be right in front of the scale. I'd be facing the pictures as I weighed. Dr. Ian is going to tell me what a fantastic job I've done and ask me what my secret is; Linda is going ask me how the psychological impact of weighing is and how I can have help in not fixating on a number, and Harvey can tell me anything he wants. No, really, he will tell me that I'll need to lose four more pounds by next weigh-in and to "move your *ss."


Horse Anatomy

For her last birthday Emily received a couple of plastic horses with the correct anatomical features. This was an accident, the buyer not realizing just how "real" the horse figurines really were.

Today, Emily was playing with them during her rest/play time (which is really Mom's rest time in disguise). She came down after cleaning up and said, "This one's a boy and this one's a girl." I did not ask how she knew that, but like Paula Abdul, I let it be what it was and kept my mouth shut. Then, Emily says, "And I don't know how the babies get the milk from their mommies if they don't have a spout like this one."

Okay, if you were me, what would you say? Holy spout, Batman. I hid my mouth behind my cup and kept repeating it in my head so I'd remember.

On the exercise front:

Emily had swim lessons and gymnastics today. During swim, I sat and talked to another kid's mom. The kid had been in Emily's same kindergarten class, and then is going to the public school the same as Emily, too. She's such the leader. During the hour-long gymnastics' class, I just had the voices in my own head to listen to while I was on the elliptical trainer. It seems that the water bottle I packed to go with Em's snack between sessions was a leaky little sucker and the insides of my bag were soaked. When I took everything out, there was a puddle of water at the bottom of the gymbag, including the MP3 player. I carried it around with me while watching Emily swim, then let it dry at the table during our snack, and then for the moment of truth, I try turning it on and nothing happens.

God bless America! (because I don't say the other naughty part that many people say.)

I get it home and plug it in with the charger, and it took several seconds for the player to come on, but it did come on. My husband suggested I let it sit out in the sun for awhile to let it dry out completely. I am happy to report that 1.) the player is fine; 2.) Emily didn't cry at gymnastics this time, and 3.) the voices in my head really aren't that weird, afterall. They told me that if I didn't lose weight with all of this extra cardio I'm doing, that there is something wrong with me, and it's not them.



My husband walked into the newly-coated bedroom and said, "I feel like I've fallen into a bottle of Pepto Bismal."

I smiled and said, "Yep." It's a great color--great for girls and I told him that if he were a girl for most of his life, that he'd love the color.

It's too bad that the encouragement I get comes from my own brain.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Today was supposed to be a day off. Apparently I don't understand that concept as I'm mowing the very large lawn, spraying for weeds and wayward grass, getting the gas can for the mower refilled, planing flowers and then painting the Pepto Bismal room. Tomorrow I'm back at it with the planned exercising, like today was a planned off day. Ha. Next time I take a day off, I really need to mean it.


Wimpy Wednesday

Holy crap, I am so tired. My calves are killing me from the step class from yesterday and today there was much gnashing of teeth during my PHAT class. If that instructore told me to pulse my abs one more time, I was going to show her a pulse up close and personal. My abs and hips were screaming for me to stop, and once in awhile I did, but got right back into it to burn them up some more. Wish I had my Angry Kelly Clarkson music to egg me on during this class, and thank goodness it was only a half-hour class. As if that wasn't enough, I smoked my legs even more afterwards with leg presses, leg extensions and ham curls. I was even throwing insults at myself to stop the madness.

It was great. Can't wait to do it again next week.

Tomorrow's my planned day off, and I'll be back into it with a body design class for more torture on Friday.

And after all that, I came home, mowed the lawn and then sprayed for weeds. Oh, and I painted a room. Actually, I'm only half done, so it's half pink (new color) and half blue (old color).


Tuesday Talk

I've been having the darndest time writing lately. I am not lacking in ideas, so I guess I have been doing some sort of writing in my brain. I just wish I had a tape recorder up there so I could recall easily all of these terrific pieces of literature I've been coming up with.

For now, I'll just stick with the Shout Outs:

To Nancy P: Are you working out yet? Are you inspired? I'm hitting the cardio pretty heavy and I can feel a huge difference in my pants--I think it's my butt. Hehe. I've been having fun at the Y - M - C - A (I hear the music in my head, too) taking all sorts of classes that I've been scared of taking before. I'm empowered, and I may turn into a cardio junkie. I've done Body Design, PHAT Camp (Pretty Hips And Thighs), Step, and Boxing so far.

To The Good Anonymous Commenters: Thanks for your comments and encouragement! It's such a nice gift to receive just a line or two of what you all have posted.

To the Not-So-Nice Anonymous Commenters: You kind of remind me of Dustin Diamond from Celebrity Fit Club. You accuse someone of something, back off, and then wait for the explosion. It's very interesting behavior to watch. Thank you for allowing me to see this behavior (though very mild) on my own personal blog, too. (View Anonymous Comment and my response.) Or perhaps I've read the comment wrong. I'm very capable of doing that, too.

To My Dog: What up, Dog?

Okay, that's it. I'm going to see if I can write my story ideas down somewhere rather than leave it up to chance that I'll remember it.