Takin' a Day

I am taking a day off from school today. Part of the day is for a Mother's Day tea at Emily's school and another part is so we can go get our hair "done." We're both getting our hair wolloped for the summer, and I can't wait to get this mess off of my shoulders. Em's just tired of the tangles, so she'll be sporting a new bob for the summer.

I have warned my freshmen that if the substitute has to write down anyone's names for acting bad, that they will have to deal with me and their administrator when I return. I hope I put the Fear of All That is Mean Education into them, because substitutes don't deserve that crap. And what else is crappy is our 2007 senior class. The prank (and I realize not EVERY kid in the class of 2007 deserves to be in my You Are Crap category) was pulled off by the graduating class of 2007. Last year, the prank was baby oil in the main intersection of the school. 2006 people were then going to stage a fight to get administrators, teachers and security running then sliding to the fight. Thank goodness no one broke any bones! If I remember right, someone tipped off administration. THIS year, the prank was toilet papering the trees around the school, egging the school and then breaking some windows of the school. Some school spirit, huh? Perhaps evil spirit, one could say. Whoever did it, prank or not, should be arrested for vandalism, and then if caught before next week's ceremony, made to sit it out.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, then they can laugh all the way to jail! Maybe someone will be stupid enough to tell about their pranks on Myspace. Better yet, maybe they videotaped it and put it on Youtube.
Seriously, students wouldn't be THAT stupid!!!! *rolling eyes*