RO v. EH

I finished watching Ro's weblog from May 26th, which is the Saturday after she quite The View and after the now-infamous fight. You could see the weblog here:


Scroll down to "No Ja-Hero." I warn you, it's a little mundane (just like my words can be, I'm sure). Ro doesn't really address the Hasselbeck stuff until almost smack-dab in the middle of the entry where she says that she and EH have exchanged emails briefly and that Ro doesn't really plan on talking to EH any further. If I were Elizabeth, I'd take that as a blessing. But, I don't really like Ro. I used to. I thought she was hysterical as a comedien, and I suppose when she took her mainstream funniness to the political side, I lost interest. And in this "debate" between the two women, I believe it was very smart of EH to not support Ro. When Rosie comments about how the media spins them as "Big Fat Lesbian Loud Rosie attacks Innocent Pure Christian Elizabeth," it puts El at arm's length again. It also alienates people like me who really do want to like Rosie (I have the inane need to want to find something good in everyone), but with comments and defenses like this, I just don't. But, she's not really into winning people over at this stage of the game. El should have told Ro that she would talk to her in private about the matter rather than going head-to-head with Ro. Besides, El doesn't need her cortisol levels so high while pregnant.

Anyway, my point is, if I had something or implied something stupid, MY friends would have probably asked, "What are you thinking???" in private. IF they agreed with me after I responded with whatever I responded with, they'd probably say okay, and leave me with my own opinions. They may even support me out loud and say that "Tracy thinks such and such." If they didn't agree with me, they'd probably say that they've known for a long time that I was a nut case. Now they'd have proof. Ro says that she's defended El for whatever reasons in the past, but Ro is part of whatever group who likes to tear El a new one for her beliefs.

You can see part of the Great Episode here on Youtube.com:


It looks like it's gotten close to 2 million hits.


Anonymous said...

Or YOU might just cut people off without communicating at all. At least RO and EH are brave enough to duke it out instead of running away.

Tracy said...

I just LOVE Anonymous comments.

Come out, come out whoever you are, Mr. or Ms. Lack of Communication.

Tracy said...

BTW, they should "duke it out," just not on national television. Communication is key, but we all don't need to see it. It also seems that RO had a personal political agenda that she wanted to drag The View's viewership into as well.

Anonymous said...
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