Ending the School Year

I am so proud of my little freshman buggers. They have done an awesome job on this last project, and they're having a blast. I had them create board games for The Odyssey, and they had to include Ancient Greek gods, goddesses, monsters and heroes, at least 25 questions and answers included somehow in their game, as well as the elements and characters from The Odyssey. The kids were really creative! Several made Monopoly-like board games, where others created games totally from their own imagination. I had each group go around the room and play each others' games for about 20-25 minutes and then fill out a critique form on the game to help make the design or game play better. Many are accepting the grades their peers are giving them (B's and C's) while others aren't happy and are reworking their games to try to get A's. I told them that their peers were assigning the grades, and I'd take the average of their peers grading for their final game grade.

The kids also think it's great that we have "game day" right before their Odyssey test.

Nutrition has been spot on despite the hurdles. Dale made brownies last night to take to a game-party. He wanted to know if I wanted one.


Later that night he asked if I wanted any ice cream--he was hungry for that--only he said, "How hard do I need to twist your arm for ice cream." I think he was thinking that I'd say something like, "Oh, you had me at cream."

I replied instead, "HARD."

I had a protein brownie with Ultra Size instead.


I had nothing but a Diet Coke at the game party, and when I went out to eat twice this week, I had spinach salads with grilled chicken. I think going out to eat was the toughest, but I persevered with a plan and followed through with it.

And the plan has resulted in me feeling much better energy-wise and clothing-wise. I still haven't weighed myself, but I did have Dale take my before pics last week. I'll have him do that every two weeks so I can have a visuals (as icky as that may be). When I


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

We have game/field day tomorrow. I want to call in sick....*sighs*

Oh, I remembered my password.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for ends of school years, and for teachers like you. Enjoy your summer!