Zig-Zagging--whew, getting dizzy here.

When all else failed with the weight loss "issue," I have decided to get extremely serious. Not that I wasn't serious before, because I--though am very funny--am also very serious.

I raised that a notch last week.

I read Jillian Michaels book entitled Winning by Losing. She's the lady who bullied a team to lose a billion pounds on The Biggest Loser. And it's just her kind of bullying that I like. In her book she has recipes for desserts, breakfasts and main meals, as well as twelve weeks' worth of circuit-training workouts. I finished the first week of the workouts, and I loved it. On the eating side of things, I always had the excuse that I didn't have time to log in my foods (I use DietPower) and that I would get days behind and I wouldn't write down anything and I wouldn't keep track of what I ate, yadda yadda yadda and blah blah blah. I really don't have time to write down my foods during the school day, but I am making time, and no matter what those ladies at church say, I am important. And in so doing, I have figured out my Active Metabolic Rate (AMR as opposed to BMR) and have come up with this list of calories:

Monday: 1600 calories
Tuesday: 1400 calories
Wednesday: 1500 calories
Thursday: 1200 calories
Friday: 1600 calories
Saturday: 1800 calories
Sunday: 1200 calories
=10,300 calories per week

This amount of calories SHOULD have me losing 1 - 1.5 pounds per week. My AMR includes my activity level and to maintain my weight, I should be eating 2,223 calories per day. We'll see. I'm always up for experimentation. (Flexibility and Experimentation should have been my middle names). {Thanks a lot, Mother.} :p)

I am also checking out whether I am a fast oxidizer, slow oxidizer or a balanced oxidizer. If I'm balanced (oh, please let it be so!), then I need proteins, fats and complex carbs at every meal and more on the carbs than protein. After a week, I don't feel bloated, pig-like or as tired, so this is great so far.

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