This Slang Ain't For Sissies

The slang of the 80's--my slang--was pretty simple:

Rad: great, all right
Totally: I understand you, man. I get it. Or, I'm right there with ya.
Gag-Me-With-A-Spoon: (you can probably surmise)--very gross--I cannot even imagine the grossness of it because it is so gross.
As If: I would rather not, thank you
Dude: The opposite of Dork--someone who is cool.
Awesome: Extremely good
Bitchin': Excellent
Chill Pill or Chill: You need to relax or to relax
Fer Sure!: Absolutely I want to meet Simon LeBon--fer sure! Sometimes preceded by "like."
Cool Beans: Very nice
Heinous: Awful
McFly: If you're called this, you've just done something stupid.
Don't Have a Cow: Another "relax" term
Gnarly: Excellent
That's the ticket!: You've got that correct
Gross me out: Icky
Trippendicular: Something that is totally awesome.

Innocent, right? The slang of today's time doesn't even come close to being innocent, but at least there's a dictionary to help us old people out: www.urbandictionary.com. Please note, that this web site is not for the faint of heart. And if you're offended at the F-word, the Sh*t word or worse, you should not visit, and then you can be blisfully unaware of what the kids are saying around you. If you knew, you'd probably faint dead away, and if you are like me, I became very hostile when I heard one of my students trying to get attention by saying "Slumber Party" over and over while the kid next to him kept whispering to him to just shut up. The kid should have shut up, because I looked it up (the behavior was too suspicious), immediately called his mama--although I was too shocked and embarrassed to tell her the exact meaning--then I alerted the administration. The shear shock of it made me very angry, especially since the girls in the room probably knew what the term meant before I did. If you dare to look it up, I can tell you that it is not totally rad, nor is it bitchin', fer sure, but it is totally heinous.


Mama Judy said...

ewwww!!! That is soooo not cool!
That goof is a real nose bleed. Can you dig it?

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Tracy said...

Peacekeeper or Player Killer?
Pastor's kid?