Happy New Year!

So far my day has laughably been about a little girl bouncing from one couch to the other and me saying,

"Do you need to go potty?"

We ask this of her because Emily would rather spend her time trying to wrap one leg around the other to cut off whatever flow she is about to feel rather than just going to the dang bathroom. And it wouldn't be so bad, really, except when she's trying to wrap herself, her rate of speech seems to triple, and it's like she's going to spin off somewhere into space.

Bounce - Bounce - Wrap - Bounce - Zweeeeeeeeee!

"Mama, stay there, I have to go potty."



I've taken the last two weeks off of weights and have just done cardio only. This morning, I did a full upper body workout and it was great feeling my muscles ache again. I had to lower my weight amounts, but not by much, and it was still a good workout. Tomorrow is cardio and Wednesday is lower body. Eating is going great, too, despite the holidays. I'm back into the full swing, am switching up some meals and am going to try to stay in the 1500 calorie range for a couple of weeks. I'll then up it to 1700 and then down again.


Last year, my resolution was to make no resolution. I missed being involved in the fun of it, so this year, I'm jumping in to the fray.

1.) I'm going to drink more beer.

Just kidding.

1.) I'm going to see more movies with my dad.
2.) I'm going to lose more fat.
3.) I want to run a 5k
4.) I am going to say no more often (already started that yesterday)
5.) I am going make the students do more work, rather than me.

My original #1 resolution sounds pretty good now, though. I think I want that one back.

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