Of COURSE I know what STFU means...

After doing group work in one of my freshman classes, and everyone was excited to be done and get the snot out of school, the little squirrels were having a difficult time quieting down. They were to clean up and line up their desks back into rows. I was waiting to get their attention and one small boy seems to take it upon himself to "help me." This time he did it by hollering out the initials, "STFU, people!" At first I didn't say anything because I resumed my roll of teacher to get everyone quiet and then told the boy to stay after class.

His head snapped up towards me before his neck, like an overstretched rubber band, unstretched and pulled the rest of his face down towards his desk. He pouted.

When the others had left

--and bless their hearts, but two boys took their time getting out of the room--Boy Wonder had to wait--

Well, when the others had left, I said to Boy Wonder, "Not only do I know what STFU means, but that is just the same as saying the F-word out loud in class, and you will never say that again--"

He interrupted me and said, "The F meant something else."

"If you say it again, it's a PBR (write-up) to the office. Do you understand me?"


I briefly thought about letting him sit awhile longer, but this was also my time and he was draining it. I let him leave.

It was funny that he seemed genuinely surprised that I, an aging teacher who would not ever be on a computer despite there being one on my teacher desk, would know such ill acronyms such as STFU.

I think I was alive when the first emoticon was created.


Mama Judy said...

Kids, you gotta love 'em. They're so...oh, how can I put this...dumb!
Who do they think invented this stuff?
Your old, decrepit mom

Tracy said...

Now, come on. YOU know who invented kids... sheesh.

I'm also LM(a)O... hehe.

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...