I can't believe it's been over a month...

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. I think that I've been "of a mood" here lately, and have been so rattled by the ceaseless hopelessness of it all that I haven't had the energy to live it and then write about it.

If we (teachers) are held to the NCLB thing, then I reserve the right to kick out a student who consistently refuses to work and wants to be nothing better than a seat warmer in my room. His administrator can talk to him, because I've had it.

Why is the school spending so much money on committees to create a guide for all district English teachers to follow, then creating reading tests that have nothing to do with what the kids have supposedly been taught? Instead, they're tested on readings that they won't study for two more years. However, teachers are held accountable to those scores. Not the kids. Apparently, that's one way to show growth--test them in the 9th grade and then again in the 11th grade when they've finally been taught the tested material. Woohoo--there's that growth!

9th graders aren't coming in to high school ready to learn. Middle School seems to be worth nothing but a way to pretend to go to class and learn something--except how to feel good about doing nothing. The serious students, of course, take their education to heart, but the majority of our classes aren't made up of serious-minded students, and the kids expect the same game in high school despite being told that h.s. is a different animal altogether. I had two students yesterday tell me that I wasn't doing what they thought I should be doing (how I taught). I had to remind them that it was my classroom and my class. They weren't doing what we as teachers expected from them--and another thing--Go. Sit. Down.

Where have they been taught that they can speak to adults like that? The kid who defiantly refuses to work and helpfully warms up a seat in my classroom spoke to his mother at parent/teacher conferences like he had raised her--and in a way, I'm sure he did. He was obviously the one in charge of that duo and had been for a terribly excruciating long time.

And so it goes--I come home exhausted, waiting for a No Teacher Left Behind and will have to wait forever for that one to happen. When parents take back control of their kids and when our school system changes will there actually be growth so that we meet "AYP." It won't happen and I can wager that only a handful of school won't be on the NCLB watch list in this nation. Along with the obesity epidemic, we are also at a stupidity epidemic. When teachers start quitting, and when there is a shortage of teachers (as there is now), and there will be no one in the schools to take care of their ill-mannered children for 7 hours, then perhaps parents will begin to see the light. It'll be too late, since it will be the train hitting them because we're not there.

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Mama Judy said...

WooooEeeeeee!!!! You go girl! I think all the teachers should quit right now, open up day care centers and start charging these idiot parents $20.00 an hour to babysit their brats. Of course they wouldn't pay it and the little darlings would be running loose in the streets for the underpaid cops to take care of.