Cheesehead lives here

Emily was quite upset yesterday because a little boy she thought was her friend had called her a cheesehead.

"I don't know why he kept calling me that, but he wouldn't stop!" she said.

I leaned in really close to her, wiggling my finger to come even closer to me. I turned my head and my eyes first to the left. No one listening there. Then to the right. No one listening on that side. I whispered, "Did you ask them if you were cheddar or mozzarella?"

"Or stinky cheese?!" said Dale, breaking the quiet.

She giggled and everything was okay. But we did talk about what to say if someone ever calls her a cheesehead again.

"I'll just say ... watermelon!"

I'm proud of my little cheesehead.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Please make this into a children's book!
The Adventures of Cheesehead and Watermelon Girl

Tracy said...

Yes! It can be like another Captain Underpants:

Princess Cheesehead and Watermelon Boy... Go to Wisconsin.

Tommy said...

Dude, she's just a Green Bay fan. Nothing wrong with that.