Goals: Short and Long Term

1.) Ultimate Long-Term Goal: 125 pounds, 12% bodyfat.
a. When people see me, I want them to admire my physique and to know not to even think about messing with me because I could drop them on their hineys.
b. I want to be published in a magazine before and after success story article. The picture would have to be the one taken at April and Tom’s wedding when I wore those atrocious size 16 pants that barely fit and had elastic in back and rubbed into my skin. The jacket was one of those hand-made numbers Dale’s grandmother made for her “fat days.” She gave it to me because she had “whittled down to nothing. Here Tracy, it might fit you.”
c. I want my butt to be smooth.
i. (if achieve a. and c.): Celebrate with professional pictures
2.) 12-Month Goal: 130 pounds, 16% bodyfat. Fit a size 4.
i. Celebrate with a one-hour massage and a facial
3.) 3-Months’ Goal: 135 pounds, 20% bodyfat. Fit a size 6.
i. Celebrate with a one-hour massage.
4.) Weekly Goals:
a. To weigh myself (and not wimp out). Saturdays.
b. Measure weekly. Saturdays.
c. Eat only one cheat meal per week (Saturday evening)—and not any more than that.
5.) Daily Goals:
a. Increase vegetables to 4 servings per day
b. Drink one gallon water per day
c. Weight-lifting 5 times a week.
d. Slow-mo cardio 1 time per week.
e. 1800 calories per day
f. Complex carbs for first three meals of the day
g. Fibrous carbs for last three meals of the day
6.) Beating my Personal Best:
a. Increase jogging times to more running, less walking.
i. Run a 5K in 30 minutes or less
b. Increase weights on benchpress, deadlifts, squats.

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Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

I set new goals,too! I know I look better than a few years ago, but I look the same as last year! I'm tired of "looking the same."