ABC "Family" should be ashamed of itself

We set Tivo to record anything that said "pilot" in the description so we wouldn't miss out on some of the new shows coming up. One of the shows grabbed was one called Ugly Betty. So the name intrigued us. After 15 minutes, I noticed that the ABC Family logo hung in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Considering I was about to tell Dale to turn off this trash, I cried out instead, "ABC FAMily?! What's family about this?"

The show is on 7 p.m. on Thursday nights, a prime viewing time for a typical family. But if "family" means that we get to share what the b-word is and have to explain why that woman was coming up from underneath that man's desk and why are those women all showing their underwear, (and did I mention the constant use of the b-word?) then this is the wrong kind of family. The rest of the show goes on as to how badly the guy with the woman underneath his desk doing you-know-what can humiliate Betty so she'll quit because she's too ugly. The man's father who hired Betty was hoping that his son--the libido-crazed 30-something who is the editor of a fashion magazine--won't be attracted to this woman and won't want to sleep with her like he does with every assistant. The women constantly showing the guy their underwear are sleeping with him to get the job, and there is one scene in which he makes Ugly Betty call his cell to warn him that another one is on her way up to his loft apartment. It's a revolving door of sex romps, though the romps are implied and not shown, thank goodness. But that's the only thing I have nice to say about this show. Oh, and the young boy in the show who is Ugly Betty's nephew seems to be portrayed as gay.

What crap. What trash. And if you have kids in the house younger than 16, you should NOT consider this a family show. Good thing that CBS is our channel of choice, and thank goodness the person who created Tivo created Tivo. And now that Alias is no longer in production, we don't need ABC anymore.

Family, my butt.

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