The first day of school for everybody and the second day for freshmen. Those poor guys. They still look like a ton of bricks hit them. However, there are several that I can tell aren't going to be too happy with me when their lives suddenly become very difficult. I had to tell one kiddo in front of his seatmates that he needed to change his middle-school mentality because he was a big kid now. I didn't say it quite like that or in that exact verbage, but he got the point very quickly.

I just realized that I needed to add another rule to the set: Just Because You Don't Want To Do It, Doesn't Mean You Don't Have To Do It.

I've already hit them with the if you don't pass English, there's always summer school speech. Their response: "Summer school?!" Coming from middle school where their credits don't count, that's quite a shock to their system to have to not just get by.

Anyway, I'm pooped. It's still like I'm teaching special ed., but at least I don't have to worry about the IEPs.

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