Condom Boy

While one of my 9th grade classes was working in groups, I walk around to make sure everyone is on task and understands the assignement. From afar, I notice one boy who is very intent in his notebook. Considering that he should not be in his notebook, but presenting a project and listening to his peers, I was quite curious as to what was so much more interesting. I approach behind him, stealth-like, because that's what I like to do, and you can catch so much more inappropriate activity that way. He has a gold-wrapped condom, and he is reading the package.

My first thought to say was I hope you read the English 1 material as intently as you're reading right now. I don't. Instead, I tap him twice on the shoulder. He jumps. I say, "Put that away. It doesn't belong here," and I walk away. He groans and buries his head into his arms. I let him have a moment and he doesn't raise his head for a good five minutes when I ask everyone to put their desks back into rows.

I haven't seen a condom in class or narry an inappropriate word since.

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