Condom Boy

While one of my 9th grade classes was working in groups, I walk around to make sure everyone is on task and understands the assignement. From afar, I notice one boy who is very intent in his notebook. Considering that he should not be in his notebook, but presenting a project and listening to his peers, I was quite curious as to what was so much more interesting. I approach behind him, stealth-like, because that's what I like to do, and you can catch so much more inappropriate activity that way. He has a gold-wrapped condom, and he is reading the package.

My first thought to say was I hope you read the English 1 material as intently as you're reading right now. I don't. Instead, I tap him twice on the shoulder. He jumps. I say, "Put that away. It doesn't belong here," and I walk away. He groans and buries his head into his arms. I let him have a moment and he doesn't raise his head for a good five minutes when I ask everyone to put their desks back into rows.

I haven't seen a condom in class or narry an inappropriate word since.


Primal Scream

Somebody (freshman? sophomore? junior?) just screamed "Oh my God!" at the top of her lungs in the hallway outside my classroom door. It's lunchtime.



The first day of school for everybody and the second day for freshmen. Those poor guys. They still look like a ton of bricks hit them. However, there are several that I can tell aren't going to be too happy with me when their lives suddenly become very difficult. I had to tell one kiddo in front of his seatmates that he needed to change his middle-school mentality because he was a big kid now. I didn't say it quite like that or in that exact verbage, but he got the point very quickly.

I just realized that I needed to add another rule to the set: Just Because You Don't Want To Do It, Doesn't Mean You Don't Have To Do It.

I've already hit them with the if you don't pass English, there's always summer school speech. Their response: "Summer school?!" Coming from middle school where their credits don't count, that's quite a shock to their system to have to not just get by.

Anyway, I'm pooped. It's still like I'm teaching special ed., but at least I don't have to worry about the IEPs.


I still love Mel

I have recently finished watching all four Lethal Weapon movies. Of all of them, the first one is my favorite. And though I was in the middle of the fourth L.W. movie during the anti-semitism/arrest of Mel Gibson, I did not stop watching it just because of what he said while he was being arrested for a DUI. And I will not resort to what Barbara Walters is going to do--give up watching any future Mel Gibson movies. I'm sure in her sinless state, that she has never said anything or done anything that is shameful or is against the grain of her fellow man (or woman). In fact, I'm just SURE she has never taken Jesus Christ's name in vain, because that would be an anti-semitic comment since our Lord was a Jew. And I'm sure she's not broken any of the Ten Commandments herself. In fact, none of the people and organizations who are now after MG have done anything wrong in their lives. It is truly amazing how many perfect people are walking around on the earth.

And something else that I find odd ... From http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14137508/: This is not the first time Gibson has faced accusations of anti-Semitism. Gibson produced, directed and financed "The Passion of the Christ,'' which some Jewish leaders said cast Jews as the killers of Jesus.

Have they not read the Bible?

Anyway, I don't need to hear anything else from Barbara. I'm done with her if she's done with Mel. She can go and be perfect on her View. I'm going to try to be sinless over here in my part of the world, but I know that I'll screw that up--like I always do. Jesus loves me and Mel anyway.