Oh how I love green beans

I don't know what I'm going to do when school starts back up and I need to get up at 4:30, rather than sleeping in until 5:30. This morning's workout was just a light workout for the smaller muscles in my triceps and calves--which aren't really that small, but I want them to be small.

Lying tricep extensions (single arm): 10/12 x 3 sets
Kickbacks: 15/12 x 3 sets
Standing calf raises on the BOSU: 20/40 x 3 sets


Meal 1; post-workout
3 eggs whites, 1/2 yolk
1/3 serving whey protein
1/4 C skim milk
1 serving Cream of Wheat

Meal 2
4 ozs tuna and egg white
1/2 C blueberries
1/2 C strawberries

Meal 3
3 ozs. buffalo patty
2/3 C Oats

Meal 4
3 ozs tuna and egg white
1 C celery
1/4 C tomato
1/4 C romaine lettuce

Meal 5
4 ozs chicken breast
1 C green beans

Meal 6
3/4 C fat free cottage cheese
1 T natural peanut butter

Tomorrow is a crossfit workout day.

Emily was helping me out in the vegetable garden this morning and she marches in and says, "If I don't work, I doooon't eat!"

I stopped and said in my most calm horrific voice, "What?!"

She repeated it, and I asked where she heard that from. "It's in the Bible! Silly," she said.


Grandma said...

That's my girl. She's a hoot!

Tracy said...

Testing out the comment section. Hopefully this won't go to Comment Heaven.

Grandma said...

Ok, what I said earlier in my comment that ended up in comment purgatory was "That's my girl! She's a hoot!"

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

I've been trying to post comments for awile now. I guess mine have gone to Comment Heaven! Or in my case, somewhere hotter!

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Again, I've tried to post and nada, zilch, noting. Hopefully this one will get through.

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

It will not let me post. So I don't know why I'm writing this......