"No, 991 is for the hospital," said the 5-year-old

Emily's two bestest friends in the whole world were over today at my insistence. The girls should just get together to play without there being a birthday party involved. They were in Em's room chattering and playing "kitchen" together, and as any parent would, I listened in on the baby monitor.

Side note: What are the odds that we'll get to keep that monitor there through her teen years? Yeah, I didn't think so, either.

Anyway, the conversation came around to calling 911. After my initial thought of Who's hurt?? I relaxed. Afterall, it was just girl talk. One little girl said that if you called 911, you'd get the hospital, only they didn't say 911 but 991. Another said that if you called 991 that you'd get the fire people. I set Emily straight during snack time, but with our crazy phone system--sorry, dear--you'd have to dial 9, wait for an outside line, then 911. Explaining that to a kindergartener is like explaining to my Grandma Dosh (may she rest in peace) how the wires are put in a computer CPU. Same result.

Workout yesterday was a run/walk program. I think I already typed that, but not sure. It was for 32 minutes where I ran for 3 minutes, then walked for 2. I'll do that again in the morning.

This morning's workout was upper body work, and I'll get specifics in later. There's a cool BOSU workout in the latest Oxygen magazine, so I'm going to add that in to my routine somewhere starting next week.

Eating has been really good. Starchy carbs in a.m./fibrous in p.m. I found a new peanut butter--new to me--that has Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats in it. It is SUPER GOOD. I added that to my fat free cottage cheese, and it's just wonderful.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

If I kept peanut butter in the house, I would likely overdose on it. Peanut butter is the DEVIL! Almonds run a close second. I can picture me slumped over the jar asking someone to call <991>. And you thought my only addictions included liquor and pain killers!

Tracy said...

I think we can make this into a The Office episode if we didn't put much effort into it.

I knew about your peanut butter addiction, but I don't mean to tempt you with the devil. So if I see you with peanut butter around your lips, I'm getting you into PB Rehab, and I'll never mention it again. ;)

Mama Judy said...

Ok, this is a test. Had it been a real comment, it would have gone to "comment purgatory" until the great and powerful OZ released it from it's eternal sleep in the ethernet. Now then, having said that, I have forgotten what I wanted to say other than I'm sure it was about my precious granddaughter and how funny she can be. I liked the "don't work" "don't eat" story that was in a previous post and where my comment was doomed forever in the nether regions. As for the "991" call, well, I'll keep my comments to myself. It's safer that way. ;>)
I tried to explain e-mail to Grandma Dosh once. Once. Never tried it again.
Ok, I've typed long enough for this not to make in the blog.

Tracy said...

Emily is a funny girl, huh? She about talked me to death yesterday, though, and I had to leave. What do girls do when they're being driven crazy? Get a diet rooster booster and go shopping. When I came back, Emily and her daddy were like, "Oh, it's momma. Hi Momma. How's it been?" Then the chattering started up all over again...

Hopefully the reign of Comment Purgatory, Hell, Nether Regions is over.