Flies do not like being in any weather

Right now, Emily has not taken a breath in the span of ten minutes so she could tell me about the lifespan of a fly, how she can kill the one buzzing in the house because flies do not like being out in the rain or in the sun for that matter or the wind or . . . they just like being in the house to bother us and to buzz in our ears and to land on our food and Mama, did you know that you left this on and can I turn it off, and could I please watch an Arthur because it is Thursday and that means it's my t.v. day...

MSNBC.com (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14013567/) has a list of television shows that they think should be made into feature films and what directors they think should direct the movies. This is in response to how "they" think the director for Miami Vice was the perfect choice for the movie since he supposedly also created the television series. It's a different look and feel, that's for sure, and in all of the trailer commercials, I don't see pink or peach at all. That's the first good sign that this might be a cool movie. The second sign is that Don Johnson is listed nowhere for the movie on http://imdb.com/title/tt0430357/. Whew!

Here is my pick of television shows that should be turned into feature films:

1.) The Love Boat, directed by Leonardo DiCaprio
2.) Dallas, directed by Charlene Tilton
3.) TJ Hooker, directed by Tommy Lee
4.) Bosom Buddies, directed by someone who has real bosoms
5.) Diff'rent Strokes, directed by Ant
6.) Facts of Life, directed by Mrs. G.
7.) Good Times, directed by Michael Jackson
8.) Welcome Back, Kotter, directed by John Ravolta
9.) Doogie Howser, M.D., directed by Any ten-year-old in the gifted program
10.) Saved by the Bell, directed by Mark-Paul Gosselaar because his new series was not renewed, bless his heart.

Eating plan going well, I'm on my rear-end today, still nursing that back injury from Sunday. Worked out with sis-in-law on Tuesday, and worked hams, glutes and quads. Awesome workout, but I'm really paying for it today! Took a nap, which was good because I was seriously going to fall asleep during morning snack time. Had to keep it together for the kid's sake. So, we watched Martha together. I tried watching The View, but it's just not good anymore without Meredith, and I was afraid that Joy Behar would throw out the "ass"-bomb. What's up with that? Even news shows like Today have guests that throw out that word like it's candy. I do not want ASS to be part of Emily's kindergarten vocabulary. She already repeated the f**k word during her pre-school days, thanks to another little girl. We do not need to add the a-word to it.

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