Top Dads, Hula Hooping and Sliding into the Baptismal

CNN.com posted the "The 10 Funniest Movie Dads" but also added in the phrase "role models" right alongside it. When the very first dad we read about is Jim's Dad from the movie American Pie (1999) and played by Eugene Levy, I have a problem with the role model part. When I think of role models, I like to not think of a "good" dad giving his son sexual pointers along with a slice of porn. During last Sunday's church service (holy moly, pardon the pun, Sunday was YESTERday--this day has just about dragged itself to death), Pastor Jim mentioned a movie scene--but not American Pie--of Michael Keaton greeting his wife's dinner-date (a working dinner, of course, and not the woman's father--work with me here) while in dirty work clothes, goggles and a chain saw. You can rest assured that when Emily is ready to date that her father will probably take up some sort of shooting in some sort of capacity.

CNN's Entertainment Top 10:

Eugene Levy as Jim's dad in American Pie.
Professor Henry Jones Sr, Sean Connery, Indy's daddy in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
Armand and Albert Goldman, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane from The Birdcage. Armand runs a Miami drag club, and Albert stars in the revue there.
Clark Griswold, Chevy Chase, in National Lampoon's Vacation.
Sonny Koufax, Adam Sandler, in Big Daddy.
Royal Tenenbaum, Gene Hackman, in The Royal Tenenbaums.
Sheldon Korpett and Vince Ricardo, Alan Arkin and Peter Falk, in The In-Laws.
Gil Buckman, Steve Martin, in Parenthood.
Old Man Dunphy, Alec Baldwin, in Outside Providence.
Bernie Focker, Dustin Hoffman, in Meet the Fockers.

Really, I liked Dustin Hoffman much more as a woman in Tootsie than I liked him as a Focker.

My Top Ten Movie Dads:

Michael Keaton, "Jack Butler," Mr. Mom
Sean Connery, "Professor Henry Jones," Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin, "Stanley T. Banks" and "George Stanley Banks," Father of the Bride
Marlon Brando, "Don Vito Corleone," The Godfather
Gregory Peck, "Atticus Finch," To Kill a Mockingbird
Cary Grant, "Walter Eckland," Father Goose
Patrick Stewart "Professor X", X-Men I, II, and III (as a father figure)
Pat Morita, "Mr. Miyagi," The Karate Kid (as a father figure)
Marlon Brando, "Jor-El," Superman: The Movie
Jack Albertson, "Grandpa Joe," Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

On hula-hooping: It has only taken me 36 years, but I have achieved success today! I can now hula hoop. Man, my abs are going to hurt tomorrow, but now I want to find one of those weighted hoops that I read about in my Oxygen Magazine.

On Sliding: Dale is doing web site work for our church and he and Emily were exploring the church. One of the areas was visiting the Baptismal. Emily and Dale are where the preach stand where it's nice and dry and she peeks into the watery section. She asks, "Where's the slide?"

Don't you think a lot more people would want to be baptized if there were slides in the baptismal??


Mama Judy said...

Ok, now let's hear it for t.v. dads! I'll start the ball rolling with Happy Days "Mr. Cunningham".
Not too sure about 24's "Jack Bauer". You get kidnapped all the time when you're his kid.
your turn
I wonder what you could say as you're sliding into the baptismal pool. hmmm.

Tracy said...

How about, "Hooptidoooooo!"