"It's like Empire-Strikes-Back Cool" (Marshall; "Alias")

What an ending to Alias! And to think I almost missed it. I watched the May 17th episode and there was a blurb at the end that said not to miss the 2-hour series finale coming Monday.


"This coming Monday" would have been May 22nd, and I was viewing the episode before the finale on May 30th, and Tivo showed no more episodes for me to watch. I searched Tivo again. No. Nope. Nothing. Why hadn't Tivo recorded it??? I've spent the last four-and-a-half seasons being an almost-faithful viewer of the show, and I wouldn't get to see the finale?? I haven't seen half of season five because the writers of Alias departed from the Rambaldi storyline and Michael Vartan was in a contract dispute and they shot him off the show. I thought perhaps it was because Jennifer Garner wanted him shot. As soon as Vartan returned, so did I. But THANK YOU to ABC.com, I didn't have to worry about the series finale. I had resigned myself that Tivo became confused since Alias changed nights, and I'd simply read what happened online in the episode guide. Well, ABC did way better--and "It's like Empire-Strikes-Back cool" according to Marshall. ABC has every episode of Alias' Season 5 in streaming video. If I wanted to watch the non-Michael Vartan episodes, I now can. I watched the series finale in bits and pieces and clapped in serious joy as to what the writers did with Sloane.

He finally got what was due him.

Today's Workout:
Nothing. Slept in.
Felt good.


Anonymous said...

Noted in your blog you mentioned a contract dispute being the reason Michael Vartan left the show. Actually he was fired from the series because of a change in the storyline due to Garner's pregnancy. There was no contract dispute. When the fan backlash began because of his departure, they had him sign a contract for Episode 9 just before he left for Australia to do his movie. While he was over there and since the ratings continued to plummet, they asked him to return for 4-5 episodes.

Tracy said...

I'm sorry I missed this comment! I probably just working with poor information I found at the time. Thanks for clearing things up.