Grammar Pet Peeve

First of all, I am totally amazed that after all of the poor grammar I grew up listening to that I have turned out to be an English teacher. My mom and her group of country-singin', redneck-lovin' git-tar playin' folk wouldn't string a grammatically correct sentence together on purpose if you gave them a million dollars. In fact, they'd probably look at you and say, "We don't got no need for none of that money, honey." My mom's the smartest mom I know (Hi, Mom!) and she knows a whole lot about language because her English teacher in high school made her class diagram sentences over and over, and my mother could still diagram a sentence if she could sit (a spell) and think about it. No need to do so, however. But as far as that knowledge goes, we were still surrounded with double negatives, split infinitives and ending sentences with prepositions.

I don't usually have a problem with ending a sentence with a preposition, but there is one that causes my insides to wither: "Are you coming with?" or "Is she/he coming with?"

WITH WHOM??? Me? Us? I've never believed that the object of the preposition needs to be understood like "You" can be understood and consequently left out of the sentence.

I don't usually care about other prepositions, but this one bothers me. And really, there is no strict "rule" that sentences just CAN'T end in prepositions. If the sentence has an object (noun or pronoun) earlier in the sentence, then it's okay to end in a prep. And then we'd need to get into phrasal verbs that look like prepositions but are actually acting as verbs. . . but we won't.

A DaVinci Code question for those who think that a writer in the Bible just left out Jesus' wedding and He really did marry Mary...
If the people who wrote the Bible thought it was important enough to put in that Jesus attended a wedding, do you think that they'd think it was important to write that Jesus was the groom of a wedding? When Jesus attended a wedding of a friend, the writer of that book was pointing out the miracle of turning water into wine. Think if Jesus had had his own wedding, oh the miracles that could ensue there.

I'm being a brat, but the argument that Jesus really was married and it was just left out of the Bible because nobody wrote about it is silly. The DaVinci Code is a work of fiction.

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