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Oh boy, if today is any indication of the summer to come, then let me find a surrogate mother for The Girl now. I'm SURE that it's just a lack of sleep which is causing the fits of hysterics and the tears of discordia. One would also think that a morning of church would calm her down, but I think it just made things worse. Instead of a prayer of a worshipful "Jesus, Jesus!" I am yelling in my head, "JEsus! JEsus! When you comin' cause this ain't workin' out." :) Really, it hasn't gotten quite that bad, but you get the picture. She's taking a nap right now, and I have a really great box for her to play with when she gets up, so that ought to keep her content for at least ten minutes.

Now. What to do for the other ten weeks of the summer...and is it too late to get a summer job?

Today was the first day of a new eight week workout plan. It was simple this morning: 30 minute power walk on the treadmill and some stretching. I wanted to spend less time on the workout and concentrate more fully on the nutrition, especially Sunday Nutrition. I tend to fail nine times out of ten on Sundays due to the temptations that are in the house, and more specifically, in the pantry. Chee-tos are one downfall, as well as leftover Easter candy. I've already gotten rid of the candy, and I'm hoping that my husband eats the cheesy carb sticks fairly quickly. So far today, it's gone very well. I filled out my nutrition-plan sheet last night and have followed it almost to a tee. Instead of strawberries for a snack, I had an apple. That's about all I've deviated. I'm watching my portions more closely and have assured myself that if I'm hungry still, I either need to drink another glass of water or I can really wait for another two hours before I eat again. Easy. Every summer I expect a loss of 10-12 pounds, and this summer will be no different. The big difference is that this should be my last summer in which I am actively losing the weight, and after, it should be maintenance mode for me.

Tomorrow's workout plan:

a.m. Cardio--45-minute power walking and hill runs
a.m. Weights: Compound movements full-body workout
p.m. 30 min jog/run on treadmill @ 3% incline

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