"I pity the fool!" (Mr. T)

Emily's telling about conversations she's had who knows when. "Cameron argued with me about how she didn't know how to make a paper airplane and I did. I finally got tired of arguing, but she wouldn't stop," said Emily. Since we've been out on summer vacation since last Friday afternoon, I asked her when exactly she had this argument with Cameron. She responded with a tiny shrug of her shoulder as she stuck another bite of peanut butter sandwich in her mouth. As I had a reprive from some chatter (have to remember that peanut butter trick. It works with children as well as it does dogs) I was able to think about the poor fellow she will choose for her mate. They may go happily along for years when she'll suddenly pull out of her memory the tiniest little speck of an argument from long ago.

"Why did you do that," she'll ask.
"Do what, dear?" he'll respond.
"Oh, you know."
He'll look at her as if she really is her mother's daughter and perhaps even go along with the game and say, "Well, yes, that. I'm in trouble again, huh?"
"Uh huh," she will say as she crosses her arms and perhaps won't speak to him for the rest of the day.

Yesterday's workout was a lower body workout that lasted a full hour. This consisted of compound movements and so my heartrate was up pretty much the whole time. I completed 30 minutes of going back and forth from the elliptical trainer to the treadmill.

Today's workout was almost an hour at the park power-walking (with a little jog thrown in there), and this afternoon will be a chest/back weights workout.

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