Figured out the Parmesan Cheese Bottle

Ever close the parmesan tube closed only you (okay, me) aren't smart enough to get it closed the fast way, so you (me) end up turning the silly lid all the way around to line up the holes with the non-opening? It's taken me 30+ years to figure out the "shortcut" to this bottle. It just takes a village.

For those of you who are keeping track: I am officially off to the regular education department to teach English and out of special ed on May 26th. It's a little scary after reading the first cheese paragraph that I'm in charge of a room full of kids, isn't it? I need to stop being sped myself and learn to talk real English. <----------that was a joke. It's amazing how this job process just whipped me to pieces. I should have done this last year, but I don't think the opportunity would have presented itself last year. Getting out of special ed. pretty much took an act of God, and God sent word down right before spring break and I signed the paperwork the day we returned from spring break. Apparently English teachers are no longer a dime a dozen but hot commodities--almost as hot as sped teachers are now. The rock from my shoulders has fallen off and it's like I'm 30 pounds lighter.

Made some new goals:
HIIT training three times a week to shred the last of this fat (lose 5 lbs a month for two months).
Split my weights routine to 3 times a week.
Increase bench press to 100 pounds by May 31st.


Tommy said...

So what's the shortcut to the cheese bottle? I always line the holes up. I feel stupid now. Thanks.

Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

This is why I don't eat Parmesan Cheese!