It must be very apparent how unhappy I am with my current job. So far, one of the assistant principals has told me how she wishes she could pay me more money to keep doing the job I'm doing, the school psychologist, who is under quite a bit of pressure herself, gave me her appreciative kudos, as did the school's social worker. It was very nice to hear such things, but I sincerely wish the school district, namely The People Who Decide on the Pay, could recognize what special education teachers do. Our Leader gave those who worked in low-income schools a nice bonus, but neglected those who teach the most at-risk and most difficult to reach. At least if I do find another position somewhere (where the grass is green, there are rainbows each sunrise and teenagers don't have any hormones nor do they have behavior disorders), one of the accomplishments that I can list is that I can usually get a kid to pull his or her head out of his butt at least once in the time he's had me as a teacher. Usually. There are those few who have succumbed to the Dark Side and are burned to a crisp in the soul and are far beyond my force. I have seen too many of them carted off to jail. And I've honestly never heard a word from those "kids" since.

Resume: Puller of Heads from Butts Unless Taken to Jail

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