I was a punk goddess yesterday.

Spirit week at our school consisted of
Monday: Crazy Hair Day (missed that one)
Tuesday: Flip-Flop Day. THIS is the day that I decided I REALLY wanted to participate in. Actually, I had my fears--what would the administration say, what would my colleagues say--and then my friend talked me into it. The whole idea of flip-flop day was for students to dress like the opposite sex (yes, I know, I know!) and teachers were invited to dress how they viewed students.


Okay. So if I were going to do what I wanted to do and what my friend thought I could pull off, then I shouldn't care what admin said or my esteemed peers. I was going to be the embodiment of all things non-establishment and all things black, dark and PUNK.


Non-conformist hair, lips black outlined, black eye-liner all over and around my eyes. Safety pins covered the sides and front of my black skirt and my long-john shirt kept me warm beneath the black tee with pink letters spelling Sabotage backwards (Big blast from the past!). It went PERFECTLY and totally made the outfit. Actually, I think the dog chain made the outfit. It was one from when Cady-dog was a puppy and we were training her. It wouldn't fit around my fat head, so I just hooked it together with yet another safety pin (a "staple" of the goth community) and wore a black choker to go with the chain. I put in old tarnished loop earrings--two different sizes to show my individuality and so I can fit in with all the other punk/goth/goddesses. On the larger loop, I hung yet another safety pin. I wanted others to see my deep angst that only safety pins can exhort.

I looked freakin' awesome and all the teachers said so. I even had some wicked sweet looks from the "real" individual goth community and some snickers, too.

I took a few pics with my arm held out in front of me in various punker poses, and I think once I figure out how to put a pic on here, I'll be ready to come out of the goth closet.

All in all, everything I wore was extremely comfortable except for the shoes--platform heels with see-through straps so my black socks could poke through. Wish I had some platform boots. That'd show some angst.

Other spirit days, less freakin' awesome and not as flippin' sweet:

Wednesday: Favorite College Tee or Sweatshirt
Thursday: Mix-n-Match Day--be a nerd
Friday: So exciting I can't think of what it is.

Wish it had been Flip-Flop week...

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