I finally made it. It has now been over a week since I last wrote big. I am overstressed from my teacher work, stressed from mom work and just in an overall daze over anything that may require me to understand more than two syllables at a time. By the end of a school day if someone were truly hurt, they'd have to tell me in mono-syllabic terms.

"I'm bleeding." Sorry?

"I'm shot." Yeah--okay, let me call 911 for you.

At least there has been plenty on t.v. to drool to. Netflix and American Idol. What a country!

It's just too bad that A.I. let Brenna through. I felt that whatever talent she may have was overshadowed by her awful disposition and attitude. Oh well. I just hope it's not a repeat of the season in which Tamyra Gray was booted, leaving someone with less of a singing voice to drag of us through to the end result. If Brenna is left standing as final two, I will . . .

What will I do?

I will shout at the t.v. and vow never to watch AI again.

Almost finished with Dragonfly starring Kevin Costner. Don't see it. Not good--it's slow, stupid and a Kevin Costner with a gut just isn't good movie fare.

On the waiting list to see: Collateral and Sky High.

I still work out, I just haven't been posting what I do (legs this morning). I dumped cardio, though not entirely, so I'm not paying myself that $50.00 a week. Sad when money doesn't even do it for me.

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Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Hey Tracy! I forgot you had this. Your posts had me laughing so hard that L gave me that "Do we need to go to St. Joe" look. I set up a blog, but I don't know how much I will write. I'm so bad about starting things and never finishing.