You know you're stressed out when you're suddenly yelling at the news on t.v. and your husband has to reassure you that you're having wine with dinner.

One Arm Rows: 20/12 x 2; 20/20 x 1; 25/12 x 1
ITY's: 10/12 x 3
BB Rows: 45/12 x 3

Ab Crunches

Scheduled day off of cardio.


Tommy said...

So what was the news you were yelling at?

Mama Judy said...

To heck with the news, ya got any wine left? I start school Monday and I'm gonna need it!

Tracy said...

I had had a really bad day at school (okay every day is a bad day nowadays) and I switched on the 5:30 world news and saw that the Hamas palestinians had won an election and Bush was in a news conference with the U.S. reaction to such a win. I guess that I was feeling very political because *I* started reacting to the Hamas. I usually let the rest of my family deal with the political nature of the world, but for some reason, I needed to step in, too.

Mama Judy, I'll be glad to share my wine. It was really, really good.