Notes from the classroom: These are aken from essays my students wrote for their writing assessments. I thought others might see the humor as I did.

Topic: Is television good for families? "When you turn on the television the kids butts and couch are like magnets to a refrigerator."

Topic: Should video games be installed in the cafeteria for use during lunch?
"They will have games for boys and girls so the girls won't feel left out because they don't have nothing to do."

K. (which is her real initial) is 19 years old and has the lungs of an ox. One always knows when she's in the building and down the hallway, and especially if she's heading towards your classroom. K has one of those laughs that she can pull up from down deep in her belly and let it burst from her throat like a bullhorn, only louder. This voice, her laugh, her hollers echo naturally in the corridors of the school, deafening anyone within earshot. Two of my hands could fit into her beefy fist, and if it hadn't been injured in a domestic dispute, she could probably crush my hands, as well, and if she were angry enough. She stands almost six feet tall and when she isn't angry at something or someone, usually me, K has the softest brown eyes that are just screaming that she wants to be understood. And I suppose it should make me happy that she considers me her favorite teacher, even as I send her out of my room cussing and carrying on for threats or just general belligerance with an added kick of "This is sh*t!" or that I'm an "f-head."

The next day is a new day. The sun rises and her memory is erased of why it was she was so angry to begin with. All is forgiven until the next time...

It's a wonder I'm still alive whenever I tick her off.

The Workout
Cardio: Circuit Training--elliptical trainer and the treadmill
Watching: The Butterfly Effect. Wish it didn't have so much cussing in it. I could go out into the hallways of my school to hear that crap.

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