It's rare, these moments. Rare to have a decent, logical conversation with someone under the age of 21 without wanting to imagine squishing their head between my index and thumb. Have you ever done that? Close one eye and get the object of disdain and anger in sight. Now hold up your arm and let the person's head line up between your index finger and thumb. Pinch. Pinch the head. Pinch again; it feels good.

This morning was different, though. The halls were quiet and Sweep and Keep had only two kids. One young man brought nothing to do, so I offered him my book. The kid, who was dressed in mostly black clothes, chains and loops hanging from all over, was a little afraid that I was about to pull out Emily Dickinson or worse: a sophomore Language Arts textbook. He read the title of my book and said, "Stephen King?"

"Yeah, it's a good one," I replied.

He looked at my bookmark. "You're kind of far into it, huh?"

"I'm rereading it, actually. I think you might like it. At least it's better than propping up the walls with your eyes.

The kid read for the entire 45 minutes of what could have relatively been stare-at-brick time.

Perhaps there is hope.

The Workout (yesterday):
"Boy" Pushups: two sets of 12.
"Boy" One-Arm propped pushups (one hand on BOSU): two sets of 10.
DB Flyes: 20/12 x 3

One Arm Rows: 25/12 x 3 supersetted with
BB Rows: 45/12 x 3


The Workout (Today): OFF

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