It's FRIday!

Legs this morning (didn't I just DO legs??? My, how time flies):
BB Squats: 45#/12, 65/12, 75/12, 75/12
Deadlifts: 45/12 x 4
Kickbacks: 20/12 x 4

Crunches --/15 x 4
Ran out of time again, and I took only maybe 30 seconds rest between sets. Need to do supersets again to get it all in and get my heart rate back up. Plus, I really need to get over my hatred of cardio. I hope to add that in next week for my after school sessions since I have to wait a bit for Emily and Dale to get home. Plus perhaps yoga to get me to relax. I'M NOT TENSE OR ANYTHING! Just when I can break a CD in a billion little shards without even realizing it, then I think there could be a problem--true story--happened this past Wednesday, I think.

Tomorrow is weigh/measure/picture day. I plan on eating a free meal tomorrow for dinner and then starting a more stricter strict diet on Sunday.

Speaking of bomb threats at schools, check this out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7683168/. Poor Burrito Boy...

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