I want to be Jack Bauer.

Not really be him, because that would involve major surgery, but just be like him.

A kid's watch alarm went off in Sweep and Keep* today; one long, heart-jumping beep, and my first thought was to yell out, "Down, DOWN! Everyone down on the FLOOR!" I have a walkie-talkie and I grabbed it, but then Tracy-the-Teacher mode kicked in before I called for a helicopter... This is much like when I found a bump on the back of my head, and instead of remembering that I received that little number from when I rose up against the corner of a cabinet in the laundry room, I thought I had found a brain tumor and needed the help of Dr. House.

If the influence of television on a supposed rational adult can twist a reality unrecognizable, imagine what the box can do to young children. What's wrong with our schools? What's wrong with our society going to you-know-where on a fast-train? Turn off the technology, sit down with a mom and dad at dinnertime, open a book and read with the kids...

*Sweep and Keep: When a student is late to class in our school, they are not allowed in class but are to go to the cafeteria and sit for 93 minutes. They may do work, read, write, etc., but they are not allowed to talk and must sit facing forward the whole time. Many are happy to stare at the bricks for the whole time.

Workout: Cardio: Treadmill Hill Intervals. 40 mins.


Tommytang said...

Of course, you can't be Jack Bauer, because I am Jack Bauer. Silly.

Tracy said...

I *was* always the silly one, huh?