I think I've recovered from traveling to Tulsa and back to Wichita. I slept ten hours last night, not including the five minutes I was awake from my husband saying, "Happy New Year, Dear," after HE was awakened by fireworks. The visit in Tulsa was great; it's the road time and nothing to really look at that is less than special. My own bed felt wonderful and the dog was glad to have us home.

Today, this first day of January, is the day that I'm back on track with healthy eating. I can only stand so much of the sweets and saturated fats before I just DYING for a chicken breast and broccoli. I've gotta be crazy, or at least many would consider me crazy, but honestly, it took years for me to actually crave this healthy stuff. I am going to weigh and measure in the morning and begin the trek to meet my new goals (NOT resolutions...). I'm sure I've gained a few pounds from the whole holiday eating and such, and I feel dehydrated today, but my wedding ring is loose. I will have pictures taken in the morning to compare to my last set of pictures.

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