I gave in yesterday.

Put my hands up into the air.


And said, "No, honey, there really is no tooth fairy."

I hadn't been expecting the question for at least another year, but I honestly think my daughter is ahead of the game in some respects. She had asked another question a month ago, The Question, and I agonized over my answer of "Yes, Sweeite, and Santa will be here tonight!" I further perpetuated the fraud by writing her a letter from her favorite fat guy with nice From the North Pole! stationary. Em wasn't so much interested in the letter, though, as much as the nice boxes that lay in wait for her (she has yet to play with her new tinkertoys, but the round box they came in is great for oh so many things). But, because of me, us, she believes in Santa.

Emily already knows that the tangle fairy isn't real and that the tickle monster is just a figment of Mommy and Daddy's imagination, so in all actuality, it was a relief to spill my guts about the T.F. It'll be just a matter of time before she puts the pieces together to solve the Santa riddle.

"Mama? Who takes our teeth under the pillows?" she asked.

She didn't hear my sucking-in breath. I bent down and whispered, "Mommy and Daddy do. But it's a secret."

She stood silent a moment. "Okay." Then she whispered, cupping her hand to the side of her mouth, "But don't tell Daddy."

It wasn't daddy I was worried about, but her classmates, and I knew I definitely didn't want them brought into our tiny little conspiracy. They were precious little gossip mongers who could let my secret loose like a bursting balloon in a Catholic church service.

"It's okay to tell daddy, but not your friends. Let's let their mommies and daddies tell them."


Later the same day, Emily came home from school with a "spitting" issue. In the midst of talking to another little girl, spit, saliva, slobber had come flying out of her mouth and onto the other girl. Emily told the girl she was sorry--without being prompted (that's my girl!)--but the little girl went to tell the teacher anyway. Emily wasn't in trouble, but it took her a long time to tell me what was the matter. I assured her that she was definitely a good girl and we were proud of her for telling the girl that she was sorry, and it was an accident.

My next naughty thought was: Perhaps you should tell the girl about the tooth fairy . . .

Monday's workout: Bi's and Tri's:
DB Curls supersetted with DB Tri. OH Press: 15/12 x 3
Concentration Curls supersetted with DB Kickbacks: 20/12 x 3 and 15/12 x 3
BB Curls supersetted with Tri pressdowns: 45/8 x 3 and 40/12 x 3

Cardio: Hill intervals

Tuesday's workout: Legs
Walking lunges on treadmill: --/12 x 3
BB Squats: 45/15 x 3

Cardio: Hill intervals

Wednesday's workout: OFF

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