I am listening to The Jury by Steve Martini and as usual, when I'm listening to a book, my mind wandered. If you were in my head, you would have heard:

I wonder how cool it would be to have your last name named after an alcoholic beverage?

Tracy Merlot...
Tracy Cabernet...
Tracy Virgin Bloody Mary...
Tracy Bud Light...
Mrs. Budlight . . . "Hello, Mrs. Budlight. How are you this fine morning?"

And then I had to rewind the tape so I could hear what I missed. After doing that twice, I promised I'd listen--"for reals" this time.

Emily's favorite phrase of the day is a quote from a movie. It'll be out of the blue, too, and usually at dinnertime that she'll say, "I'd like to have the poo-poo platter!" (from A Bug's Life) And then she'll fall into a fit of giggles. "Bottom," "poo-poo," and "toots" or "tooting" are the giggly words in our household right now. I told her that Grandpa Reed would probably understand her better than anyone.

Dr. Phil writes for LifeLaw #10 that You Have to Name It Before You Can Claim It. I'm officially claiming what I want to be right now and very publicly: I want to be a voice talent. Now how does one go about doing that?

My Workout: was awesome this morning! I set the alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier, hit snooze twice and was able to get up at a decent time to get a whole weights workout in. I had planned on doing HIIT training after school.

DB Curls 15/10 x 4
Concentration Curls 20/10 x 4

Tri Pressdowns 30/12 40/12 x 3
Kickbacks 15/10 x 4

Upright Rows 15/12 20/10 x 3
Side Raises 10/10 x 4
Front Raises 10/12 x 4


P.M. Cardio: HIIT

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