For two days I was The Decaffeinater, opposing evil caffeine in every form. And then I got the Big One. The Big Headache. I, The Decaffeinater, said, "I will not let you defeat me, you evil headache! You cannot beat me!" And then it pulled out its weapon of choice--the most evil ploy that The Headache knew could bring me to my knees: The Headache pulled out its Puker. Yes, I trembled; yes, I cowered in front of the ibuprofen bottle, and yes, I even cowered huddled under the covers for what seemed like hours until The Headache let loose of its terminal weapon. I would not win this time...but next time I want to give up caffeine, I Will Be Ready.

This morning's coffee sure tasted good to the last drop.

I don't know what I was thinking to give up the good stuff. I thought my central nervous system might do some good without it for awhile, but I think my CNS liked being sloshed in coffee. I'm leaving it alone and all is right in the world again.

My workouts for the past 1/2 week:
Saturday: 45 mins. cross-training--elliptical trainer vs. treadmill.
Sunday: Same
Monday: Same
Tuesday, Legs:
BB Squats: 45/12 x 3
DB Deadlifts: 20/12 x 4
Leg Extensions: 70/12 x 4
Wednesday (today): Off

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