Caffeine is the BEST!

Saw was probably one of the best horror movies I've seen in a very long time. It is NOT a workout movie, but I suppose it helped with my heart levels while on the treadmill. Dang, I need not be that close to a t.v. during that show... Can't wait to see Saw II.

--Is John going to expire soon because of his inoperable tumor? Will he make it to a Saw IV (Saw III has been "announced" on IMDB.com)?
--Was Dr. Gordon actually a humanitarian who gave free medical exams to those less fortunate?
--What lesson did Jigsaw need to "teach" Zep? Didn't Zep know John's name and show compassion? Or was Zep just an unfortunate pawn to help teach Dr. Gordon a lesson?

Yesterday I did cardio: 35 mins. of cardio and elliptical intervals. Ab crunches galore. I'm paying myself $50.00 each month that I do my cardio for the week. If I don't do it, then no $50 bucks. By the end of one year, I should have enough to buy myself another piece of fitness equipment or doo-dads.

Today I did chest/biceps/triceps:
Pushups: --/12 x 3 sets
DB Incline Press: 20/12 x 3
DB Incline Fly: 20/12 x 3
Concentraton curls: 20/12 x 3
Tri. OH press: 20/12 x 3
Tri. kickbacks: 10/12 x 4

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