Boy, am I tired! Between my leg workout yesterday morning (4:30 a.m.) to the kids at school being their usual charming selves to our bomb threat, I am bushed. I slept in this morning and took my day off of exercise on Wednesday. I always think that I'm going to hold out until Saturday, but I never do. Monday and Tuesday with my little darlings are enough to send me over the edge.

--the 19 year old girl who is PROUD to be a 19 year old and still in a junior-level class.

--the nonstop talking young man whose every third word is "Dip!" Or "Dipset!"

--a young man who can barely comprehend questions at a third grade level. What in the world is he going to do out in "the real world"??

--the young man who doesn't ever want to work and get a job because he expects his mom to pay for everything. I really need to call her and clue her in on a few things.

--the precious kids who don't like your answer of no and will ask their administrator--or heck--ANY administrator so that they'll get a different answer. "We're working with him," says the administrator.

--the kid who put a new "grill" in his mouth. Diamonds, of course, and boy is his smile just SHINY.

Leg Workout (yesterday):
Leg extensions supersetted with kickbacks:
LEs: 45/12, 90/12, 115/12, 115/12
KBs: --/12 x 4

Hamstring Curls supersetted with donkey squats:
HCs: 35/12, 45/12 x 3
DSs: --/12 x 4

Ab Crunches x 4 sets

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