Am I just stupid? Do I have stupid written all over me? Apparently my students thought so until I wasted three young men's time after school. At only that time did I have their attention. The faster I was finished with my spiel, the quicker they were out of my sight. You'd think I taught elementary school rather than high school. And WHY did I go into teaching, again? WHY did I not go into electronics or computers? Just because I don't know squat about electronics and computers shouldn't have stopped me. And WHY did I have this altruistic notion of "helping people"? I mean, come ON. Really, now. Only George Bush makes me help people with his stupid No Child Left Behind. I have a pack of sillies in my classroom that I want to leave behind. 75 mile per hour behind as I'm hollering out from the back of my car: "See ya, wouldn't want to BE ya!"

Where are good lottery numbers when you need them? On the good side, there are only 30 more years until retirement. Yeah, okay, that's the bad side, too.


Okay, the workout: What I'm now "watching" during my workouts: Shanghai Knights with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Those two have GOT to make more movies together. Just finished that one up, and I'm about to begin Mission to Mars again.

Mom says don't watch Dark Water or any movie that has "water" in its title. Don't watch any movie that has water in its plot. Except Jaws. That one's pretty cool. Her commentary on The Cave (which has water somewhere in it): Ok, just finished watching "The Cave". In the dark, in the water, underground caves, must find another way out since the way in crashed down around us. All the while being chased by some mutant form of creature who as it turns out were mutations of the folks that fell down in there 30 years ago and got this parasite and mutated. Darkness, flashlights, get attacked by creatures, some of us die, one of us is mutating but is able to help us find a way out before attacking last critter and falling to death probably. Finally back out in daylight, chick said they didn't need just to adapt to cave life, they probably want to find a way out, her eyes are all weird looking and she takes off leaving the hero of the story trying to follow her in a crowd and losing her and now we're all doomed cause this thing is now loose. Boy, I'm scared!

and more from Mom:
I guess if you got attacked or scratched by these things, this parasite got in your blood stream and started growing until you slowly start changing into one.
Almost wish I could change into one and go after the people that made this movie!!
I swear, no more movies with water in the name or in the plot of the movie!! I wonder if that means I shouldn't rent "The Island". That would be surrounded by water wouldn't it? hmm. Boy, after Lord of the Rings there just isn't anything left to watch.
At least it was a hair better than Dark Water but that ain't saying much.
I guess I'm just working on my top 10 list of worst movies which are:
1. Open Water
2. Dark Water
3. The Cave

My Workout: Chest, Back

Bench press: 45#/20, 65#/12, 75#/10 x 2
DB press: 20#/12 x 4
DB flyes 15#/12 x 4
One Arm Rows 20#/12 x 4 (usually do 25#s; don't know why I decided to do light weight this a.m.)

I'm not pushing myself enough in the morning. I think I ran out of time. I should get up earlier than 4:30 to get everything in.

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